Who we are

Holistic Child Development India is a Society registered under the Registrar of Societies of the Government of Delhi, with its registered office in Delhi and administrative office in Pune, Maharashtra. As a national Non-Government Organisation, HCDI works in over eighteen states across the country, and supports over seventy five projects, all of which are based on the fundamental principle of the organisation of promoting the rights, interests, and dignity of children.

As a humanitarian organisation with over four decades of experience, HCDI continues to work towards bringing about a lasting improvement in the quality of life of children. Children who live in abject poverty, who are disabled, who are socially unaccepted due to the social standing of their family, and other underprivileged children are forced to give up their basic rights as human beings. They are forced to give up their education, the joy of their childhood, the basic human right to health and nutrition, and even their self respect as they fight for survival on a daily basis. It is for this purpose that HCDI is dedicated to bringing about a positive change in the lives of such children by undertaking activities that will help them progress in life, as well as positively change the environment in which they live, thereby giving them a holistic surrounding in which they can grow up to be responsible, self reliant adults.

HCDI creates programmes that aim at bringing about a change in the lives of the children, their families, and their communities, through development projects that maintain a child centric approach. Our programmes ensure full participation of children and their families and communities, ensuring that the capacity of the families and communities are built so that the needs of the children are met. Overall, HCDI aims at creating development that is holistic and that can become independently sustainable. Keeping in mind the aim of holistic child development that drives all our activities, we focus on the following:

  • Child focused community development programmes that are sustainable, ensuring physical and emotional growth of children in a holistic and secure environment
  • Programmes for children at high risk, including children who are differently-abled.
  • Residential child care for children from rural and tribal setting who have no access to education and other basic needs.
  • Emergency response and disaster management to reduce the negative effects that disasters can have on families and children such as displacement from their homes, abuse, kidnapping, forced migration and more.
  • Advocacy initiatives that promote the rights of children and women who are the support structures of families and the primary care takers of children and their development

With the assistance of international and national funding partners, HCDI continues to bring about change in the lives of thousands of children and their families. Now, HCDI is turning its focus on raising national awareness and participation in its programmes. Know More