Capacity Building Programmes

HCDI, under its Capacity Building Programmes, undertakes capacity building and development workshops which are aimed at better equipping the individuals who work at managerial levels as well as in the field itself with the skills necessary for effective implementation of our programmes and projects. This ensures the successful development of children, family and communities who are part of these programmes and projects.
HCDI has its expertise in the following areas;

  1. Early child care and education
  2. Promotion of Children’s Parliaments
  3. Organisational strategic planning
  4. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)
  5. Result Based Management (RBM)
  6. Rights Based Approach (RBA)
  7. Climate Change: Its impact on Rural Livelihood
  8. Social analysis: PRA, base line survey and other analyses
  9. Promotion of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and their management
  10. Micro finance facilities and government schemes
  11. Watershed and Natural Resource Management
  12. Disaster preparedness and management
  13. Documentation and reporting
  14. Advocacy, lobbying and networking
  15. Livelihood promotion
  16. Child rights