Our programmes

Holistic Child Development India facilitates in the support and implementation of multiple projects under various programme heads. All these programmes are designed keeping in mind the main focus of the organisation – the Holistic Development of a Child. At HCDI, we believe that children need a holistic environment if they are to have a fulfilling and happy childhood and in which they can grow up to be successful, independent individuals. That is the reason our programmes involve the development of entire communities and include skill building that helps individuals, including growing children, to counter disasters and secure livelihood sources, and through corrective surgery to help handicapped children live better and fuller lives to rehabilitation of children who are forced to live in adverse conditions due to the professional choices and financial weakness of their parents.

Implementing our programmes

HCDI identifies regions and populations which require assistance and then proceeds to analyse these regions and their problems. Following this analysis, HCDI arrives at a strategy that aims at the development of the region, with a focus on the development of the children of that region. Based on the requirement of the region and its people, the project strategized falls under any one of the programmes at HCDI.

Once an aim is established and analysis is complete, HCDI partners with relevant implementing partners. The staff of these implementing partners is well versed in the culture, language, and habits of the people and these individuals work in tandem with the staff at HCDI to further tailor the strategy to achieve optimum results. With assistance from the funding partners of HCDI, projects are implemented and can span multiple years, based on the requirement of the people and region. The members of the staff of the implementing partners work in the field with the people, and are often aided by the members of staff of HCDI.

All projects are continuously analysed, with progress carefully measured and recorded, and actual results compared to expected results. The implementation methods are altered where required to ensure that the project meets the desired intermediate and final goals. HCDI therefore, achieves a better life for children and families across the nation through its collaboration with its funding and implementing partners. To know more about our funding partners, please click here, and to learn more about our implementing partners, please click here.

Our Programs

Based on the requirement of the region and the population, HCDI undertakes projects that are categorised into any one of its programme heads. There are multiple projects under each programme head, and each programme head covers a particular aspect of development. However, all these programmes aim at one common goal – achieving a better life for the children of the region where the project is being implemented, and a good environment where children’s rights are promoted and maintained. The following are the list of programmes in which HCDI is currently involved. You can learn more about each programme by visiting the programme page

  1. Child Focused Community Development Programmes (CFCD)
  2. Children at High Risk Programmes (CAHR)
  3. Residential Child Care (RCC) and Vocational Training Programmes
  4. Emergency Response and Disaster Management Programmes (ERDM)
  5. Climate Change Programmes
  6. Capacity Building Programmes
  7. Advocacy and Lobbying Measures