Aims, Objectives

Holistic Child Development India has strategized all its programmes around the holistic development of children, ensuring that their future, as well as present, is one that allows them to take advantage of their basic social, economic, and emotional rights. This, in many cases, requires working with the persons, families, communities, and even environmental factors in which they live. Therefore, our programmes include community development for a better of life that is independently sustainable, rehabilitation of children where required, training of youth to increase their productivity and career prospects, disaster management to ensure safety and psychological peace of children affected by natural disasters, and even climate change activities which focus on enabling children with the knowledge to mitigate the effects of the phenomenon and create a brighter future for themselves.

It is to achieve the promotion and maintenance of the rights of children that we direct all our efforts towards maintaining the following core values, and achieving the following aims:

  • Carrying out child focused community development programmes in rural and tribal areas that involve families and communities in the development process in order to create a sustainable, developed future for the otherwise disadvantaged and neglected children
  • Identifying children at high risk in urban settings such as street children, working and pavement children, children of commercial sex workers, HIV affected children, and children who are differently-abled, and providing them with rehabilitation so that they can live in an atmosphere that is free from abuse and exploitation, and that leads them to a better future
  • Establishing residential child care programmes, especially in rural and tribal regions, thereby allowing children to pursue their education and obtain all round development
  • Providing vocational and technical training to youngsters to increase their skills and enable them to secure better jobs and build a brighter future for themselves and their families
  • Rescuing children who are forced into physical labour and women who are forced into trafficking and providing them with rehabilitation so that they can look towards a brighter future
  • Responding to natural calamities and disasters on, or outside, our project regions with relief, with a focus on rehabilitation, creating preparedness, and physical, economic, and psychological development
  • Focusing on the impact of climate change in the many regions in which we set up projects to equip children to battle the ill effects of such change, while teaching the community to work around the effects to maintain their livelihood through new methods, or take up new livelihood options, ensuring a secure present and future for the children

With the assistance of international and national funding partners, HCDI continues to bring about change in the lives of thousands of children and their families. Now, HCDI is turning its focus on raising national awareness and participation in its programmes. To know more about how you can assist us in our work, please visit the Helping HCDI page.