What is HCDI?

Holistic Child Development India is a humanitarian organisation that is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights, interests, and dignity of children who live in abject poverty and disadvantage. We aim at creating a higher quality of life for disadvantaged and marginalized children that is sustainable and attained through children’s and their families’ and communities’ involvement.

What are the activities in which HCDI is involved?

HCDI is involved in creating a better quality of life for children and their families living in deprived conditions, by ensuring the promotion and protection of their rights. We achieve our aim through a focus on education, health and nutrition, livelihood, rehabilitation, skill building, disaster management, climate change, and building infrastructure. Please visit the Our programmes page for more information. You can also write in to us via our contact form to obtain any additional information that you may desire.

Does HCDI have volunteers or full time employees?

HCDI employs full time specialists, who are experts in their field, to ensure smooth and effective functioning of its projects. These full time employees fill specific roles that maintain the smooth operation of the office and the projects. In addition, HCDI is also in search of volunteers who wish to make a difference and are willing to be as involved in a project as required. These volunteers are most often required for projects on relief and rehabilitation, emergency support, and disaster management.

Can I volunteer with HCDI?

HCDI welcomes all those individuals who wish to be involved in our projects. While these project volunteers are not paid, involvement gives you the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of children and the future of the country. These positions are available as per the schedule of the project. If you wish to volunteer with HCDI, please write in to us through the contact form and provide us with details about your background and interest, and we will get back to you with the projects options that may interest you.

Will I be able to work in the administrative office when volunteering?

All HCDI projects are implemented at the grass-roots level. This means that all our projects are carried out in the villages and regions that require the assistance. The administrative office only maintains the functioning of the organisation and is not home to any ongoing projects. If you wish to volunteer, you will be required to visit the affected or targeted area and will not be working at the administrative office.

From where does HCDI receive its funding?

HCDI has international funding partners who provide the funding required to implement many of our projects. However, this source makes up only a percentage of our entire funding. Other sources of funding include a growing number of local funding agencies, corporates, and even individuals, which can make a large difference through their contributions. Please read the FAQs under Donating to HCDI to know more about how you can make a difference.

How can I learn more about the work done by HCDI and its recent activities?

If you would like to discover the work we do in greater detail, please visit the Our programmes page. You can also learn more about our work through our annual report and other publications that highlight some of our work. You can download these publications here. Additionally, you can review our recent work on our website www.holisticchild.org, our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/holisticchild, and on our Blog. If there is anything specific that you wish to know more about, you can contact us via telephone or through our contact form. You can find our contact details here.

Can individuals donate to HCDI?

Yes. HCDI accepts donations and contributions from individuals as well as corporates and organisations. If you wish to help a child, you can donate to HCDI through the many options we have. Please visit the Helping HCDI page to learn more about the options available for donation. If there is any additional information that you desire in regards to donating to HCDI, please write in to us through our contact form with your queries.

How can an individual’s contribution help meet the funding requirements for numerous projects?

No donation or contribution is too small. You can donate any amount, as per your convenience, and a project, or component thereof, will be taken up accordingly. The benefit of your contribution will be received by a child or a group of children in a Child at High Risk/Residential Child Care programme or by a family in a community development project. For a sum as low as Rs.500/- per month, you can support the education of one child per month. If you wish to donate on a monthly, six monthly or yearly basis, if you wish to make a onetime donation, or if you wish to sponsor a project, please visit our Helping HCDI page for more details. You can also send in your queries to us through our contact form.

Will I know where my donation is being directed?

Yes. HCDI maintains a record of every person’s monthly donation and its application. If benefitting a particular child, you will be provided with the details of the child whom you have benefitted, including his or her name, address, and the project under which he or she has been enrolled. You will also receive regular updates about their progress. If possible, you will also receive the chance to choose between two or more children so that you can contribute to a child living in a region that you believe needs greater attention. You will also receive details of the applications of your funds in case you choose to contribute to a particular project or programme.

Is there a minimum period of time for which you expect a donor to contribute?

No, there is no minimum period for which we require that you contribute. While the duration of your contribution is entirely up to you, HCDI does recommend that the frequency be maintained at a pre-decided interval such as monthly, six monthly or annually.

Do I receive any tax benefits for the charitable contributions that I make to HCDI?

Yes, contributions made to HCDI are eligible for tax redemption under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. Under the clause of the Act, you are eligible to receive tax exemption on 50% of your contribution.

How will children benefit from my support?

The projects and programmes of HCDI are aimed at creating a better standard of living for children who are orphans, semi-orphans, or from poor families. We achieve this target by creating a better quality of life for the children, their families, and their communities. Your support will help children to obtain an education, to grow, to contribute to their family, to their village, and to society in general. It is with your contributions and support that they are admitted into good schools and are given a place to stay in well established hostels near their village or city. These children also benefit when your support helps empower their families by providing them with workable livelihood options. You support in our programmes helps families by creating a direct impact on their income and increasing their earning capacity, thereby enabling their children to study and move beyond their limitations.

Will I receive a receipt for any donations that I make to HCDI?

Yes, you will receive a receipt for every donation or contribution made to HCDI. You will receive a receipt for the donation made by post to the address you provide within fifteen days of making the contribution.

How do I receive a copy of the Section 80G certificate for my contribution?

The receipt for your donation contains the exemption stamp thereby making the receipt submissible for tax exemption.

Can I donate things other than money to HCDI?

Yes, you can donate items that aid in education and health betterment of children. These include objects such as old computers, clothes, toys, and other items. The only criterion is that these items are in a good and usable condition. These items do not have to be sent to the Pune or Delhi offices. Instead, they need to be sent directly to our partner offices in the regions where programmes are presently being conducted. Due to the restrictions of our project budgets, we are unable to bear the transport costs for such items and request that such cost be borne by the donors. If you would like to donate any of your old items, please write in to us using the contact form and we will get back to you with information about the regions in which these products are required.

How do I send my contribution to HCDI?

You can send a cheque or demand draft addressed to Holistic Child Development India and payable at Pune or Delhi for the amount that you wish to contribute to:
Holistic Child Development India
S. No. 4A1/A1/E1
Salunke Vihar Rd.,
Pune 411040
You can also make your contribution directly on our site through our online paying options. Please click here if you would like to make your donation online.

Who do I speak to in case of lost receipts or if I desire additional information regarding donations?

You can contact us via the contact form on our site with a mention of your query or you can contact us via telephone or post. You can find our contact details here.