Implementing Partners

HCDI understands that to provide necessary aid and to work towards effective development, the people involved in the project at every site need to be knowledgeable about the region, people, their wants, their problems, local languages, local culture, local social bent of mind and other parameters that constitute daily life. It is for this reason that HCDI has partnered with other like-minded organisations in the effort to bring to each region selected the help that it truly needs. These organisations have teams dedicated to the projects that they undertake in association with HCDI. We work together to create strategies for development of the region and implementing partners work alongside officials from HCDI to ensure smooth implementation.

HCDI’s mission is to support the Church in its role to reach the poor and marginalized communities, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, and to bring in a marked change in their living standards. The implementing partners that HCDI works with share in this vision and mission. HCDI works with Churches and Organisations that are based on Christian values and that help us implement strategies that are jointly fine tuned to suit the respective regions, problems, and desired solutions.

HCDI has carefully associated itself with implementing partners who are willing and committed to help children and people better their standard of living. In addition, our implementing partners are staffed with individuals who have extensive experience in working with children and disadvantaged communities and in implementing participatory, sustainable development programmes. Furthermore, these partners are well versed with the topography, social background, cultural bent of mind, economic problems, and other constraints of the community with which they work. They are also fluent with the local language and are in excellent positions to build a rapport with the local population so as to efficiently and effectively communicate the project requirements and ensure local community participation.
With their knowledge and commitment, the individuals working with our implementing partners ensure the successful strategizing and execution of our programmes. This ensures absolute focus on the benefit of children and their families, thereby enabling holistic development.

Our Implementing Partners