Our Approach

Holistic Child Development India works on the core understanding of creating a better present and future for the children of the nation. We focus especially on children who live in abject poverty, children forced into labour or an unhealthy lifestyle in the urban regions, and children from the poor families of rural and tribal areas. With a view on betterment of children’s lives, HCDI recognises that families and communities of these children play a pivotal role in children’s development. Families and communities can better meet the needs of the children when their own needs and rights are addressed, and their livelihood capacity is secure. Keeping these points in mind, HCDI has developed the following, four pronged approach to improve children’s lives in their own environments:

  • Promotion, and maintenance, of the basic rights, interests, and dignity of children
  • Recognition of the important role that families and communities play in the development of children
  • Building the capacity of the families and communities and ensuring their participation in the development process so that, over time, development can become sustainable without outside intervention
  • Encouraging the mobilisation of resources from within the community to create sustainable development, while ensuring government and other NGO assistance when required through accurate networking and linkages

HCDI Work Ethos
he work ethos of Holistic Child Development India is based on the foundations set forth by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. All our endeavours go towards the promotion and maintenance of children’s rights, which are realised through the following activities:

  • Creation of awareness about, and spreading understanding of, children’s rights.
  • Providing an environment for, and motivating children, to participate in their own development through means such as Children’s Parliament and Self Governance
  • Providing children with ample opportunity to express themselves confidently and courageously in order to understand their needs and aspirations
  • Providing opportunities for children to take part in policy discussions at the village level, regional level, national level, and international level, alongside community members, leaders, and partners
  • Assigning child protection committees that consist of community leaders, women, children, and members of the Panchayat, to monitor the well being of children
  • Prioritising the rising incidence of child labour, child abuse, child trafficking, and violence against children, and establishing child protection committees for their protection and rescue
  • Assigning the child protection committees with the responsibility of ensuring that children are allowed to pursue their education and are protected from any abuse or harm at all times

Our Methodology
In order to fulfil our endeavour of a bright present and future for the children of the nation, HCDI has put into place multiple programmes. These programmes cover the many aspects that adversely affect the lives of these children and are strategized to help the children as well as their families and communities overcome the obstacles that hold them back from unleashing their maximum potential and from having an absolute and enjoyable childhood. These programmes aim at the holistic development of children and youth, oftentimes through the development of their environment. Know more about Our Programmes page.