Village Institutions

HCDI and its implementing partners are working towards strengthening the village institutions such as the Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat, to ensure a better life for the people of the villages that they govern. The activities taken up towards achieving this goal include the following:

  1. The village institutions are provided training in all aspects of leadership and management
  2. The village institutions are exposed to their more developed counterparts of other regions as an example of the governance that is more efficient and effective
  3. The advantages that the village obtains when the members of the institutions work unanimously and in tandem with one another are explained positively
  4. Male members are taught to appreciate the decision making capacity of women as women are most often kept away from such responsibilities
  5. Male members are taught to work with women to ensure better and more wholesome decisions that help in the development of the village
  6. Men are taught to treat women as equal members in the decision making process