Sponsor A Project

Projects undertaken by HCDI run for a period of five to six years. The goal of these projects is to create a sustainable, higher quality of life for children, thereby ensuring them a brighter future. This includes providing them with education and nutrition, as well as focusing on the families and communities within which they live and grow.

Our projects aim at improving the quality of life of entire communities and families so that the effect of this better life is felt by the children too. This includes creating livelihood options through training and knowledge transfer, which further leads to the betterment of the community.

Some of the ways in which we better community, family, and child life are as follows:

  • Creating Child Parliaments which enable children to voice their queries, concerns, and desires to the decision makers of their community through a chosen representative
  • Creating Community Based organisations that address certain issues that hinder progress and aim at solving these through greater, created awareness
  • Setting up basic facilities such as hand water pumps that save time and effort of the women and children who fetch water, thereby reducing their burden and giving them more time to study
  • Creating health awareness through health camps that assess individuals’ health problems and offer both, short and long term solutions
  • Creating awareness about climate change, its impact and effect, and facilitating children to act as protagonists for positive change
  • Rehabilitating children of commercial sex workers, HIV/AIDS affected children, or children rescued from child trafficking
  • Providing rectifying surgeries for children who are differently-abled, thereby allowing them to lead a full life
  • Sponsoring group activities for children in a community development project for Rs.2000/- to Rs.10000/-

The above points are just some of the ways in which we fulfil a project. Each project deals with the betterment of an entire community and is comprised of many components, the successful implementation of each of which relies heavily on financial support.

You can make more of these components and projects a success by contributing to:

  • a particular component for a specific village or community
  • a particular project for a specific village or community
  • a general fund that is filled with similar contributions until it reaches the amount required to complete a component or project

There is no minimum or maximum amount that you must contribute to the general fund. Neither is there a specific period for which you are required to contribute. Your donation can be of any amount and for any period. However, if you would like to contribute to a particular project or component of a project, you can read the list of ongoing operations here. You can choose which of these components you would like to be a part of and send in your contributions accordingly.

Please visit the Helping HCDI page to know more about how to send in your donations and contributions to Holistic Child Development India. You can also contact us through the contact form if you have any additional queries.