Networking Partners

HCDI is associated with other NGOs and Agencies through their networking and capacity building measures. The following are some of the national and international agencies with which HCDI is presently associated for their networking and training purposes:

  1. Swach, Pune
  2. Pathfinders, Pune
  3. Artsphere, Pune
  4. Soroptimists, Pune
  5. Pune Diocese, Pune
  6. Swadhar, Mumbai
  7. Prerna, Mumbai
  8. Streemukti Sanghatna, Mumbai
  9. Pratham, Mumbai
  10. Toy Library, Mumbai
  11. Muktangan, Mumbai
  12. Vidyasagar Institute for Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (VIMHANS), New Delhi
  13. National Institute for Public Concern and Child Development (NIPCCD), New Delhi, Indore, and Bengaluru
  14. International Services Association (INSA), Bengaluru
  15. Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), All national and international agencies
  16. University of Moncton, Canada
  17. Karl Kubel Stiftung, Germany
  18. Arche Noah, Germany
  19. Stairway, Philippines
  20. Preda Foundation, Philippines