Making A Donation

Holistic Child Development India focuses on the betterment of children’s lives through an increased quality of life of that of their families and communities. This entails undertaking numerous activities that focus on both, the development of children as individuals, as well as the development of the environment in which they live. The activities of HCDI are focused on the following categories:

  • Child Rights
  • Health and Educational support to Children from poor communities
  • Sustainable Livelihoods to the marginalised and vulnerable communities
  • Empower the poor through Community Based Organisations (CBOs)
  • Climate Change

In order to successfully carry out projects in these sectors, HCDI requires regular and constant funding from corporate houses, funding agencies, and individuals too. No matter how big or small your contribution, it will make a difference and bring about change. Your donation will be allocated to the projects that are in need of funding at the time of contribution and will go towards programs and projects such as:

  • Development activities
  • Corrective surgeries
  • Vocational training and guidance
  • Construction of houses and hostels
  • Relief and rehabilitation

All these activities are aimed at one thing alone – restoring to children, and enabling them to maintain, their right for a fulfilled, happy childhood, and equipping them with the skills necessary for a bright future. You can donate any amount and for any period, whether monthly, six monthly or annually. All general donations will be allocated to the requisite, ongoing projects.

Please visit the Helping HCDI page to know more about how to send in your donations and contributions to Holistic Child Development India. You can also contact us through the contact form if you have any additional queries.