Emergency Support

Numerous regions and villages of India have faced cataclysmic natural disasters in the past, and continue to do so even today. Earthquakes, droughts, heat waves, floods, and even widespread epidemics have claimed thousands of lives and displaced even more. These natural disasters do not come with warning, but leave after wreaking great havoc. HCDI aims to reduce the impact that such disasters have on the regions and people who are forced to face them by:

  • providing temporary shelter
  • providing household items
  • providing clothes
  • providing medical help and treatment
  • providing search and rescue services
  • providing rehabilitation services

You can assist HCDI in our endeavour to bring self reliance back to the people, families, and communities affected by such natural disasters. You can send old, but usable, items to the required address or simply donate money for the cause. There is no maximum or minimum amount that you need to contribute and you can donate for emergency support at any time. All funds received towards emergency support are maintained in a fund for the cause and utilized to facilitate transport of material, food, and even individuals from or to the affected region.

Please visit the Helping HCDI page to know more about how to send in your donations and contributions to Holistic Child Development India. You can also contact us through the contact form if you have any additional queries. If you would like to know more about the emergency support and disaster management work we have done in the past, please click here