Donate Other items

The contributions and funding received by HCDI is spent on the purchase of food, clothing, and shelter, as well as other items for sustained betterment of the quality of life of children. These include health kits, computers, books, stationery, toys and other such items. In many cases, HCDI welcomes the donations of such items themselves. You can donate old clothes, old computers, unused stationery, old toys, and any such items that can help in our projects. The only criterion is that the items, although may be previously used, need to be in a good and usable condition. You can also choose to donate the items required by a particular region by sponsoring such an endeavour.

Given the far reach of our ongoing projects, HCDI requires that any items you wish to donate be sent directly to the region in which it is presently required. This means that these items do not need to be delivered to our Delhi or Pune offices, but sent directly to our partner offices. Due to the restrictions of our project budgets, we are unable to bear the transport costs for such items and request that such cost be borne by the donors. If you would like to donate any of your old items, please write in to us using the contact form and we will get back to you with information about the regions in which these items are required. To know more about the old, usable items that we require at various project locations, please click here