Corporate Funding

Corporate houses have come a long way from being absolute business entities who worked only towards sales for profits. With people’s changing opinions on economic and environmental concerns, every activity indulged in by a corporate is under analysis. Today, every corporate, both large and small, is under strict public scrutiny for its involvement, or lack thereof, in social activities and ethical practices; and your choice to aid in issues of rising concern can go a long way in earning you the title of ‘a philanthropic corporate’.

Why partner with HCDI

You, as a corporate, can attain many advantages by partnering with an NGO such as HCDI or funding some of its projects, campaigns, or workshops. As a funding partner of Holistic Child Development India, you can:

  • Be associated with a long standing, experienced NGO that carries out relevant and impactful projects
  • Be associated with an NGO that alters its projects and programs to suit the need of the present day and circumstances
  • Change the lives of a number of children by making better their family life and community
  • Be seen as a catalyst for positive change in regions affected by climate change, poverty, and adverse living conditions
  • Gain a stronger market standing as an uprising and involved entity of society
  • Fulfil your corporate social responsibility as required and expected by your stakeholders
  • Increase brand visibility through such social activities, thereby increasing your customer base

Sponsor a Project

At any given point in time, HCDI has a number of projects running under its varied program heads. Our projects are focused on:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Livelihood
  • Community development
  • Climate Change
  • Health
  • Health

You can choose to partner with HCDI and sponsor any of our ongoing or upcoming projects. You can also sponsor certain components of these projects, such as the setting up of hand water pumps that forms part of the improved infrastructure of a particular village or region. To know more about sponsoring a project, please click here. You can also view a list of the project components that you can presently sponsor here. You can also contact us through the contact form to find the project that you would like to be associated with or to satisfy any additional queries.

Sponsor donatable items

There are many regions where people live in abject poverty or have been affected by natural disasters. The people, especially women and children, in such places find themselves without a home and without the basic necessities of life. You can choose to sponsor certain elements of the rehabilitation of people living in such poverty or disaster struck regions. You can purchase computers for the children of any region, you can sponsor clothing for the people who have lost their homes in floods or other disasters, or you can sponsor the books and stationery required by a local school to help children continue their studies uninterrupted. To know more about the kind of items we often require, please click here. To know more about how to donate these items, please click here.

Build an emergency and disaster management fund

Natural disasters, epidemics, and catastrophes come without warning but create great loss. HCDI works towards sending a team to areas affected by such disasters that can analyze the extent of loss and allot received resources appropriately so as to allow people to become self reliant once again. You can aid HCDI in this endeavour by helping us maintain a fund for emergency support and disaster management. This fund would be utilized to mobilize a team when disaster strikes, to provide initial relief material, and to spread awareness to raise further funds, as required, to rehabilitate the affected population. To know more about our past and ongoing efforts in emergency support and disaster management, please click here. You can also contact us through the contact form if you have any additional queries.

Aid in capacity building

The success of our projects and programs is based on the capabilities and skills of our project personnel, management, volunteers, and coordinators. It is for this reason that HCDI regularly undertakes capacity building and development workshops to further the skills of the personnel of our implementing partners. You can aid in this endeavour by funding capacity building workshops, thereby increasing the number of such activities to be undertaken in a year. You can read more about our capacity building and development activities here.

Please contact us through our contact form if you would like to aid in our capacity building and development workshops, thereby helping make our projects more effective. You can also contact us if you have any additional queries.

Sponsor HCDI’s administrative expenses

NGOs, like every other organisation, have certain administrative and operational costs incurred during the running of its daily operations. HCDI, too, incurs certain costs in hiring employees, collecting funds, designing programs, maintaining projects, and other activities that work towards the satisfactory fulfilment of our programmes. You can be a part of HCDI’s ventures by funding such administrative and operational costs. With our transparent accounting, you will always be aware of the allocation of your resources, enabling you to aid in the development of children, families, and entire communities. If you would like to know more about how to fund our ventures and costs, please contact us through our contact form.

Make HCDI the charity of choice for your organisation

As a corporate with numerous employees, you can exercise the option to make HCDI the charity of choice for your organisation. What this means is that, with the consent of the management and employees, a certain sum of money will be transferred from each employee’s monthly pay check to Holistic Child Development India. This amount will then be utilised in projects, programmes, workshops, campaigns, and other efforts as required. Being a direct transfer that requires a onetime setup and implementation, this option requires almost no effort from your end while providing you with a tax deductible investment that works towards the betterment of children. Please contact us through our contact form to know more about how to make HCDI the choice of charity for your organisation.