What is HCDI?
What are the activities in which HCDI is involved?
Does HCDI have volunteers or full time employees?
Can I volunteer with HCDI?
Will I be able to work in the administrative office when volunteering?
From where does HCDI receive its funding?
How can I learn more about the work done by HCDI and its recent activities?
Can individuals donate to HCDI?
How can an individual’s contribution help meet the funding requirements for numerous projects?
Will I know where my donation is being directed?
Is there a minimum period of time for which you expect a donor to contribute?
Do I receive any tax benefits for the charitable contributions that I make to HCDI?
How will children benefit from my support?
Will I receive a receipt for any donations that I make to HCDI?
How do I receive a copy of the Section 80G certificate for my contribution?
Can I donate things other than money to HCDI?
How do I send my contribution to HCDI?
Who do I speak to in case of lost receipts or if I desire additional information regarding donations?