Helping HCDI

Ours is a constant endeavour to bring about betterment of life that is sustainable for children who live in adverse conditions. A pivotal part of this endeavour is the creation of sustained, comfortable livelihood for the families and communities of these children, which are the very entities that build their characters. It is this undertaking that your donations and contributions can help fulfil, whether you are a funding agency, a corporate house, or an individual.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give ”

– Winston Churchill




Do you desire to make a child’s life happier, with the promise of a bright future? Do you wish to bring a smile to a courageous child’s face? Do you hope to make a life with what you can give? HCDI offers multiple options for you to donate or contribute to the betterment of a child, family, and community. You can choose an option that is closest to your heart, and you can donate any amount. Every contribution will go towards the fulfilment of a young life.

You can be a part of the vision of HCDI through the following options:

Your contributions create opportunities for children around India while also providing you with benefits. Any contribution made to HCDI is eligible for exemption under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.
If you wish to be part of the programs and efforts and giving children a brighter future, please make out a Cheque or Demand Draft to Holistic Child Development India, payable at Pune or Delhi, and post it to:

Holistic Child Development India
S. No. 4A1/A1/E1
Salunke Vihar Road,
Pune 411040

You can also make your contribution directly on our site through our online paying options. Please click here if you would like to make your donation online.
If you would like any additional information, please write in to us through our contact form and we will get back to you at the earliest.